Description of Kidfy Kidfy is a digital version of the paper agenda that is used in early childhood education centers, where teachers write down daily activity, food, sleep, or something that is missing (eg missing diapers). Kidfy allows communication between parents and teachers to be streamlined thanks to the different functionalities, which will ensure that parents are always informed of the upcoming events of the center, and of the activity of the little ones. The main functionalities are: ⦁ Calendar of events, in it, parents can see the next events of the center. ⦁ Daily report, sent by teachers to parents, with the same fields as the paper agenda (attitude, meals, bowel movements, sleep and others). ⦁ Meal calendar of the month. ⦁ Messaging chat, for direct communication between parents and teachers and sending photos. ⦁ Photo gallery. To use the application, it is necessary for the director of the center to get in touch through the email or at It consists of 2 mobile applications, “Kidfy” and “Kidfy Professor”, for its use by parents and teachers respectively. This is the version for parents.

Download APK(79.17MB)

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