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Description of Ling Learn Languages Ling: 15 minutes of daily fun to master your target language Ling is the language app with the most languages and most enjoyable courses. Forget thick books, dusty chalkboards, and staring at the clock waiting for class to end. Our lightning-quick lessons bring you up to speed in 15 minutes. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced learner. Jump in wherever you want and pick and choose your content. We have in-app rewards where you can compare yourself on a leaderboard to other learners, and our sleek user interface means you’ll never get frustrated or bored. Ling helps you learn languages through games and interactive challenges. All our content is designed and read out by native speakers. Practice speaking, spelling, listening, writing, vocabulary, and grammar. Ling has all bases covered. LANGUAGE LEARNING ACTIVITIES ✓ Chat Bot ✓ Spelling Challenges ✓ FlashCards ✓ Match the Picture to the Word ✓ Sentence Order Sorting ✓ Calligraphy Exercises ✓ Complete the unfinished sentence …And many more Challenges and quizzes will keep you engaged throughout your language learning adventure. 60+ Languages. Supercharge your learning – Thai – Serbian – Tagalog – Italian – Slovak – Cambodian – Albanian – Malay – Nepali – Croatian – Korean – Bosnian – Urdu – Bengali – Spanish – Japanese – German – Vietnam – Punjabi – Portuguese – Bulgarian – Lao – English – Armenian – Cantonese – Afrikaans – Slovenian – Estonian – French – Czech – Marathi – Latvian – Chinese – Turkish – Tamil – Malayalam – Greek – Telugu – Russian – Hebrew – Italian – Swahili – Romanian – Indonesian – Norwegian – Arabic – Finnish – Hungarian – Kannada – Persian – Mongolian – Hindi – Dutch – Georgian – Swedish – Polish – Danish – Burmese – Ukrainian LING HIGHLIGHTS: – Learn Languages from Native Speakers – Enjoy a Variety of Different Activities – Learn to Read and Write the Alphabet – Listen to Natural Conversations – Build up a Vocabulary of Useful Words and Phrases – Choose From a Range of Different Topics – Suitable for All Fluency Levels – Easy to Navigate and Use with Sleek User Interface Download now and begin immediately. Language learning mastery is just a click away Follow Us:

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