Simple Noorani Qaida

Description of Simple Noorani Qaida Noorani Qaida is a free application designed to help people learn Quran with proper pronunciation that is with rules of tajweed. For those who don't understand what is Tajweed, Tajweed is an Arabic word meaning ''correct pronunciation during recitation''. It is a set of rules which dictate how the Qur'an should be read or it is simply the way of reading Quran like our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was used to read.10 distinctive feature of Simple Noorani Qaida:01. It is easy to understand for people of all age groups.02. Transliteration of Arabic alphabets is given in English to return original sound to facilitate non native learners.03. Rules of tajweed mentioned in English and Urdu languages. 04. Plenty of revision exercise are given in Qaida to help you practice and master the rules.05. Rules and exercises are setup in such a way that it gradually moves from easy to advanced concepts, following a proper sequence of learning Tajweed. 06. Colorful graphics and standard fonts for improved readability. 07. Simple application design and low storage space.08. Page swipe feature (from right to left) for flipping pages.09. Right and left navigation buttons are also placed to navigate between the pages for user's ultra convenience.10. 'Go To' button on top right of application to jump directly to a page and explore other options.Here it is important to mention that whole intention of designing this Qaida application is to spread the knowledge of reading Quran with correct pronunciation with utmost sincerity. Though, we have tried our level to present all the concepts in best possible way in a simple app design but like every other human creation, deficiencies are expected in this application. We would appreciate if you encourage our effort with a five star rating and contact us for any suggestions, improvements and for enrollment in our online Quran learning programs. Please share to form a chain of virtue, it's sadqah e jariyah!On a mission to spread the message of Allah,and sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)Best Regards!Ramz e Quran Academy

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