MalangMalang Talkafe

Description of MalangMalang Talkafe Various message features to enlighten your conversation.Meet new friends who share your interests in the community.【New Function】■ Cafe post 1:1 notification chats• Important posts can be sent to cafe members using 1:1 chats.• Convenient features such as Notification Chat Reservation/Send Again/Cancel are also provided.【Major Function】■ Top 3 recommended Talkafe features• Setting your secret profile: Your secret profile is only shown to the friends you choose. You can feel free to upload any profile picture you'd like to show.• Message Timer: If there is a picture you only want to show once, or a secret message that should not be saved, then use the timer function when sending to make the message disappear within your set timeframe.• Delete chat rooms: Set the time for a group chat room to be ‘exploded’, when all chat history will be deleted.■ Useful Messaging Options• Message Cancelation: Sent the wrong message by mistake? You can cancel if the other person has not seen the message.• Message Reservation: Reserve a message if you wish to send it on a special day and time. Give that special feeling that can only be enjoyed in the moment.• Secret Talk: The Secret Talk (secret chatting) feature, which applies even stronger security, is also provided. The content of Secret Talk can be seen by absolutely no one on the server outside of the users in the Secret Talk chatroom.■ A café to meet new friends• Share photos, videos and documents freely within the café with new friends who share your interests.• Make your own café in less than a minute! It’s simple as can be.■ Connecting to private friends• No need to register a phone number; you can simply sign up with your email address. And, you become friends only when both you and your friend accept the friend request.■ Other recommended features• Emoji shop: Emoticons can be downloaded and used. 6 character emoticons, including Malang, are free. Download them now!• Free fortunetelling: 10 different fortune telling services provided free of charge.• Talkafe PC: A PC version is also available with the same various features as the mobile app.[Service Access Rights Guide]Please grant the following app permission to access the Talk Cafe.○ Required Access Rights• Storage: When saving a file• Phone: Address book and phone number recognition○ Optional Access• Contact: To register or invite friends• Camera / Microphone: For shooting, sending and setting profiles• Location: When checking location information* Optional access is available without the consent of the service.* If you are using an existing app, you need to delete and reinstall the app to set up access.———–[Questions]

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