Block It (Call Blocker)

Description of Block It (Call Blocker) This app makes blocking unwanted calls easier than ever! You can choose among three options: block unknown numbers, block all numbers or manually enter the numbers you want to reject. If you want to prioritise certain ones, simply add them to the Whitelist and they will not be blocked.There are two filtering methods available:• The "permanent" one is manually modifiable and will stay active as long as the user does not turn it off by disabling the blocking options. • The "temporary" one will be active for a certain period of time set by defining the "Start time" and the "Stop time". Modifications to this filter can be made from the Settings menu.If the device rings a bit before the app blocks that number, enable the "Mute It" from the Settings menu to PREVENT this.Features:• Block certain numbers• Block ALL numbers• Block unknown numbers (including private ones)• Set an SMS that will be sent to all blocked numbers• SMS signature• Schedule blocking period of time• Whitelist (list of numbers that never get blocked)• Record all blocked numbers, the reason why they were blocked and the SMS sent to them into the "Log"• Save Log info to file• Mute phone while processing ("Mute It")Numbers can be added:• From contacts• From call log• ManuallyAnd, best of all, it is FREE and AD-FREE!If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions, please write am email to:

Download APK(2.66MB)

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