SMS Information

Description of SMS Information The program at a set interval check emails on the subject in a certain way formed the letters. The letter, in certain tags, the numbers of beneficiaries and SMS text. On these numbers to send SMS from your phone according to your tariff value.Examples of use:- For information on the program data backup, supports sending emails predetermined content.- For the automation of informing people in conjunction with CRM, with the ability to send emails to the specified content.- To alert the staff.- Receive notice from the other programs.Opportunities: – Supports only imap SSL protocol. – Set the interval of sending SMS. – Use interval of sending SMS to receive mail. – Limits the length of a single SMS message. – Note the message subject to monitoring. – Event logging (logs).tested :- Sending long SMS with restrictions on the number .- The list of "bad" numbers (+78888888888 ; 81234567890 ; +777 777).- Sending a letter template to the specified address .Sample letter: Topic: SMSINFORMER (can be changed in settings) The contents of the letter:<PhoneList>8ХХХХХХХХХХ;+7-ХХХ-ХХХ-ХХ-ХХ</PhoneList><MessageText>Message</MessageText>* Due to limitations of the available platform android, you can send up to 30 SMS in 15 minutes. ** The program does not work with the postal service (tested on and

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